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Rotatool, by Thomas Machinery, is dedicated to providing the best in podiatry equipment and accessories for all aspects of footcare services. With our exclusive representation in North America  of German companies like Acurata, Hadewe, Promed,  Rotatool provides the latest, innovative technology to perform your job better and safer. We provide podiatry drills, pedicure and manicure drills, accessories and a wide range of podiatry bits. We also have a roster of experts who provide training on the products we sell. Below are some of our featured products.


Auroria is the first of Hadewe’s newly designed units, and is equipped with many subtle technical features to ensure precise work with ease.


There is a convenient LED light source ( Tip of the hand piece), which is directly implemented at the hand piece, and which allows for ideal work conditions even when the external light sources are insufficient.

The Auroria is a new-designed unit, and is equipped with a brushless suction motor, which is not only very silent, but also much lower in weight. It is a pleasure for your ears and your back. The hand piece is equipped with our patented clamping system.  The knob is now made out of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) to allow maximum comfort when using it. The powerful motor enables working at speeds of 6.000-40.000 rpm.

Hadewe have designed the motor of the Auroria, and the accompanying sound isolation material within the unit, specifically towards creating an optimal quiet sound without compromising performance. Different kinds of insulating material block a wide range of noise frequencies while operational, and this allows the unit to run silently.  In addition, the engineering behind the Auroria units is based on new technology without brushes. This method is for example also used in modern computer ventilators. The advantage is that there is no wear and tear on the motor, and that the whole unit is much lighter (almost 2 kg less).

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Auroria Features

New - Patented - Exclusive 

Rotatool Podo Abrasive Caps & Rotatool Thermo Abrasive Caps

Rotatool Podo (Orange) & Thermo (Purple changes to Red) Abrasive Caps (pdf)

Finally available: safe, medical foot care. Colour-change technology for gentle protection! Patented technology.

The advantages of our grinding caps compared to standard milling cutters, diamond grinders and scalpels are not only reflected in the variety of shapes and sizes, but also in performance, price and hygiene.
Thanks to its state-of-the-art technology, the orange-coloured PODO abrasive cap is significantly more efficient than comparable instruments. The result: Callus removal is remarkably faster and gentler, leaving wonderfully smooth and beautiful skin.
The patented colour change in the THERMO abrasive caps immediately signals a potential danger of overheating. Users and patients gain an enhanced level of safety in podology and foot care.

With the colour-change technology, the colour change occurs in two steps to provide a timely warning of potential skin overheating. The user can react immediately by reducing the pressure, choosing a di erent skin area or brie y interrupting the treatment. The patient experiences a comfortable treatment without any tingles or pain. The risk of skin damage due to over- heating is almost eliminated.

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RT-Podo and Thermo Caps 1st. technology

 RT-Podo and Thermo Caps

Free Informational Foot Care Videos by Krisztine Grad RN

Learn to incorporate the variety of podiatry burs into your practice and be amazed by the incredible transformations.

Come and learn with us! Find upcoming workshop dates for 2019 here: www.artofburring.com/trainings

Rotatool XPRT Carbides  

<<Full Catalogue(.pdf)>>

Long lasting Thomas Machinery's Rotatool Carbides made in Germany by Acurata,  are ideal for podiatry work to quickly reduce & smooth out unattractive nails. Excellent for ingrown nails and corns. They can also be used to clean heels and remove hard calluses.  

NEW Rotatool XPRT Carbides!‚Äč

The newest XPRT Carbides have Lamellas toothing with fine with cross cut and PVD-coating (wear protection coating). It helps in the quick removal of thick grypotic nails and callus, treatment of orthesis silicones and hyperkerathosis, high removal rate.

Very high durability and removal rate, easy cleaning and longer service life, No HEAT  development.

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 Rotatool XPRT Carbide on Foot   XPRT Carbides


Free Informational Foot Care Videos by Dr. Julia Overstreet

At Rainier Medical, we pride ourselves on providing the best and latest foot care education available to foot care nurses and health professionals interested in expanding their knowledge and careers. That’s why Dr. Overstreet has compiled several free videos that cover various important foot care topics, from infection control in diabetic patients to debridement of nails and calluses.

These videos were intended to offer free nail health tips to foot care professionals and provide examples of infection control, foot cleansing, instructions on toenail debridement and clear directions for learning to remove calluses from feet with professional tools available to trained medical staff. 

All of our free foot care advice videos are intended to provide supplemental directions for foot care nursing staff and are not recommended for self-diagnosis or at-home treatment. 



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