Maintenance and Important Tips

Model Part Number Description
Helius40 Older Model  RT-H4571 Protective White Washer
   RT-H5179 Micro Filter
   RT-H5115 Paper Filter
   RT-H5116 Square Filter w Border
   RT-H3752 Square Filter
 Helius40 Newer Model  RT-H5179 Micro Filter 
   RT-H5115 Paper Filter
   RT-H3752 Square Filter
 Auroria & Veloria  RT-H5179 Micro Filter 
  RT-H3752 Square Filter
All Units RT-H5361-74 Spanner & Key Set

**All Units have 1 year Warranty on Manufacturing Defects**

It is important to keep up to date your Hadewe Suction and Podiatry Drills at all times, that is the reason we have listed here some Tips.
You can also find the information in the every Manual.


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