Ruth Ruttan

Ruth Ruttan

Cutting Edge Footcare and Diabetes Education

In 1996, following several years of professional and personal development, Ruth started her own company, Ruth Ruttan & Assoc. At that time one would ask, “What is Nurse Entrepreneurship?”…  For her it was a journey of self-discovery and paving the way for others to follow in a fairly new role of the Independent Footcare Nurse. Her highly developed leadership skills have been one of her greatest assets.

Ruth’s career as a Registered Nurse began at the age of nineteen. Several years of diverse nursing experience and her years of teaching as a community college nursing instructor is what Ruth brings to her business. She is able to teach what works and…what does not! Nursing Footcare began for Ruth in 1985 and she states without hesitation that this is the most rewarding work that she has ever done. Her passion for her work remains her motivation and keeps her on her journey for continuing education.

Over the years she has earned the following qualifications and teaching awards: Certified Footcare Educator; Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE); Certified Compression Therapy Consultant; Graduate of the International Interdisciplinary Wound Care Course (IIWCC) from U of T. & Adult Education Certification.

Durham College has granted Ruth awards for “Teaching Excellence”. She has also received the “In Celebration of Women” award for medical teaching. Ruth is also a professional public speaker, and achieved CTM standing in 1995 with Toastmasters International.

Location of Practice:  Sharon, ON, Canada

Telephone: 905-478-1977