Krisztine Grad

Krisztine Grad

Art & Science of Burring Workshop

Krisztine brings a fresh and highly-skilled approach, using the newest technology, state-of-the-art equipment and patient-centered approaches. 

Krisztine has presented at both national and international conferences on rotary files and podiatry burs, and has spent the past six years working closely with colleagues in the foot care industry, researching and developing advanced filing and debridement techniques. Kris' in-demand workshop, "The Art and Science of Burring" offers a fresh look at tools, equipment and technique.

Kris expands the skill-set of the participant, moving the foot care nurse from using a couple of standards, to the world of over 150 specialized burs!

Becoming an expert requires time, training and the right equipment. Take a day to learn advanced filing and debridement techniques from an expert.

Once you acquire the right tool there's truly no comparison. In the past, I used other brands of electric nail files in my practice, but none delivered the quality performance I needed and hoped for. They were difficult to handle with unreliable suction and caused worry about sanitation.

The Helius 40 is compact, lightweight and truly is a "state of the art" equipment. It can file corns, calluses and toenails as well as extract dead skin painlessly and effortlessly. It provides a highly efficient and powerful point-suction that is tremendously helpful in removing debris and thereby keeping a sanitary work environment. The hand piece is light and very easy to handle.

I've been using my Helius 40 for the past 3 years and it has proved to be an outstanding tool with no comparison.

I purchased my second Helius 40 this year for mobile services. I can highly recommend the Helius 40 for anybody who is serious about providing quality care."

Krisztine Grad, R.N. Ontario


Location of Practice: Hamilton, Ontario

Telephone: (905) 531-7307

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