Kate Clayton-Jones

Kate Clayton-Jones

Because all people and feet deserve great care

Footcare by Nurses are registered board certified nurses, skilled in foot care who bring nursing knowledge, a compassionate caring attitude,  and our foot care skills to  help your feet  so that they can be happy, healthy feet.  FootCare is the care that your feet need in order to stay healthy. Pain, calluses, corns, cracked heels, blisters, fungus and thick nails may happen, but they don’t have to. We are also nurses who you can talk to, in confidence, about other concerns. At FootCare by Nurses our mission is prevention and our passion is caring and we believe that all people and feet deserve great care. 

Location of Practice: Greenfield, MA

Telephone: 413-367-8369
Website: footcarebynurses.net/about/our-nurses/

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