Dr. Julia Overstreet

Dr. Julia Overstreet

Continuing Education in Foot Care Nursing

Podiatric Physician and Surgeon
Wound Care Specialist
High Risk Foot Care Specialist

Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Washington.
Degrees in Podiatric Medicine and Molecular Biology

Podiatry Services

Dr. Overstreet is a Podiatrist and Wound Care Specialist with 25 years of clinical experience. She brings this experience together with an understanding of the latest medical literature to provide important and usable training that will advance your nursing practice. 

Her dedication to advancing Foot Care Nursing is the foundation of the instruments and supplies offered on this site. To provide the best care - we need the best training and the proper tools to perform this critical care

Location of Practice: Seattle, Washington

Telephone: (425) 223-5173
Email: CustomerService@RainierMed.com
Website: www.rainiermeded.com