Cleaning the Chuck


Cleaning the chuck


1) Screw off the top of the hand piece with the spanner shown in the picture.

2) Now clean the inside of the hand piece and the top with a dry brush.

Cleaning hand pieceCleaning hand piece

3) For opening the chuck, Regardless of the Hadewe Unit you have, push the button forward.


Opening the chuck

4) Set the screw spanner (wrench) on the axle and hold it tight. Now use the front of the second spanner to unscrew the chuck. 

5) To assemble the chuck follow the steps in reverse order. Make sure that the chuck is opened during the assembly (the hand piece button must be in forward  position), and is firmly applied afterwards.


6) Cleaning the chuck:

Soak the chuck in ethyl alcohol or a special cleaning liquid for tools. Clean the slits and the hole of the chuck with a dry scrubber or brush. 

Rinse the chuck very well, and make sure you let it dry well afterwards.  Cover your index finger with a very little amount (just a drop) of oil and rub in between your thumb and index finger. Now dab off the oil til your finger is only covered with a very thin film of oil. Now move the chuck in between your thumb and pointer.

There should be only a very thin film of oil left on the chuck.  Please act according to the saying: Less is more!