Promed 620 Deluxe

Promed 620 deluxe

The very entry-level device for ambitious nail design with accessories.
The File Promed 620 Deluxe is the ideal very entry level unit for manicure and pedicure. Ideal for Students or Beginners, therefore not recommended for advanced technicians or heavy use. Due to the small proportions it is also well suited as secondary device or for home visits.


Is also well suited for finger and foot nail, no matter natural, gel or acrylic.


  • Incl. accessory 42-piece
  • Space-saving, super lightweight body
  • Hand piece in purple-glitter look (75 g)
  • Automatic quick release clamp for standard bits (Shaft ø 2.332-2.350 mm)
  • Support for the hand piece on the unit
  • All-in-One regulator (20.000 rpm. clockwise/anti clockwise; On/Off)
  • Rotator knob: Refined with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS
  • Safety-Stop (Stops at overloading)
  • Speed display

Technical Data

Power supply

100 - 240V~, 50 / 60Hz, 800mA; Sec. 24VDC, 1,250 mA

Energy consumption with zero load

0.27 W

Rotation 20.000 rpm.
Measurements: approx. approx. 110 x 90x 80mm (L x B x H)
Weight Hand piece 75 g.

Promed 620 Deluxe Information