Veloria is a new-designed unit, and is equipped with a brushless suction motor, which is not only very silent, but also much lower in weight. It is a pleasure for your ears and your back. The hand piece is equipped with our patented clamping system.  The knob is now made out of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) to allow maximum comfort when using it. The powerful motor enables working at speeds of 6.000-40.000 rpm.

Hadewe have designed the motor of the Veloria, and the accompanying sound isolation material within the unit, specifically towards creating an optimal quiet sound without compromising performance. Different kinds of insulating material block a wide range of noise frequencies while operational, and this allows the unit to run silently.  In addition, the engineering behind the Veloria units is based on new technology without brushes. This method is for example also used in modern computer ventilators. The advantage is that there is no wear and tear on the motor, and that the whole unit is much lighter (almost 2 kg less).


The hand piece is equipped with a unique, patented clamping system. A chuck will open inside the hand piece by pressing the well-known hadewe knob forward. The instrument can now be entered into the unit without any resistance. This is especially important with smaller, sharp edged tools, since they can cause injury, if you need too much force to enter an instrument.

A simple and fast maintenance of the most basic components is one of the important qualities of the Hadewe hand pieces. The chuck can be easily removed with the spanner tool delivered with every unit. Loosen the top of the hand piece, and then turn out the chuck. The whole procedure takes less than one minute.


  • Micro Filters ( 2 Pack ) Part # RT-H5179

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