Premium Podiatry Drills

Rotatool provides a range of podiatry, pedicure and manicure drills tailored to meet the needs of practioners looking for the right tools to help them in their practice.

Hadewe cosmetic podiatry drills are innovative, easy to use drills that combine quiet and comfort for a better client and practitioner experience. Promed pedicure and manicure drills provide a smaller, more portable units, with good hand pieces and motors. Rotatool Combi and K38 pedicure and manicure drillls are fully portable, and battery powered for the practioner or student on the move.

Hadewe Cosmetic Pedicure Drills

Hadewe is the creator of high-end, innovative cosmetic pedicure drills. Their innovation centers on the design of the drills improving the experience of the practitioner as well as the client. The quiet and smooth motors and bearings, in addition to the refined design, makes these drills extemely comfortable for all involved.

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Podiatry Drill Maintenance

Important Tips

It is important to keep up to date your Hadewe Suction and Podiatry Drills at all times. Part numbers are listed below. Below are also some Tips that will keep your drills working well for a long time.

You can also find the information in the every Manual.

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Pedicure & Manicure Drills

Rotatool pedicure and manicure drills focus on portability, for times when a full podiatry drill is not practical. The Combi20 and the K38 are fully battery-powered portable units where convenience is important for pedicure and manicure applictions. The Promed line is stationary, compact model that has a bigger footrprint than the portable, and also have more power. They are also better designed including the hand piece and the motor.

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