Advantages of LUKAS podiatry caps

  • Lukas podiatry grinding caps are specially optimized for use in foot care
  • Benefit from the many years of experience of the technology leader in the field of abrasive caps. LUKAS stands for consistently high product quality, high delivery capacity and technical innovations that help you save time and money.
  • With the CE mark, we guarantee the manufacture of the tools according to the Medical Devices Act (MPG class 1) and therefore the highest level of safety for the user.

Advantages of the grinding cap compared to milling cutters, diamond grinders

  • Compared to other tools, the grinding cap is cheaper to buy and does not require a high initial investment
  • Thanks to the hygienic disposable application, no germs are transferred from patient to patient. This creates safety and a good feeling for the user and the patient.
  • The time-consuming cleaning of instruments between treatments is eliminated
  • The Lukas podiatry cap is available in different sizes, shapes and grain levels. So you have the right tool for every application and can work faster and more precisely. (Always the right tool)
  • The risk of cuts with the scalpel is eliminated (important also for diabetics)