Podo and Thermal Abrasive Caps

Finally available: The first friendly and safe human skin foot care podological abrasive caps. Featuring the Purple/Red Thermo Abrasive Cap Colour-change technology for gentle protection!
Patented technology.

Long lasting Thomas Machinery's podological Rotatool Abrasive Caps, (Podo or Thermo Abrasive Caps) are made in Germany. Be aware of imitations. 

The podological abrasive caps are disposable instruments designed to ensure the health and safety of each client.

The Disposable Rotatool's PODO and THERMO Abrasive Caps come in 5 different sizes and are available in Coarse = Grit 80 , Medium = Grit 150 , Fine = Grit 320.
Different Grits may feel more aggressive to the patients and may be unsafe.

The Disposable Rotatool's PODO and THERMO Abrasive Caps can be used in wet or dry systems. They are used to clean heel and remove hard calluses very effective.

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