Rotatool Diamonds

Long lasting Thomas Machinery's Rotatool Diamonds made in Germany by Acurata GmbH,  have a fine diamond coating which can be used to smoothen and clean acrylics, natural nails or skin. The Rotatool Diamonds can be used for very precise work such as cleaning out corners or removing unwanted materials.

Full Rotatool Burrs Catalogue(pdf)

Rotatool Diamonds should be sterilized after use by either placing them in sterilizing solution or in an autoclave.

  • Four main parts to observe when choosing a High Quality and Proper diamond:
  • Shank diameter 2.35mm, 3/32”
  • Diameter of the Tip
  • Length of the Working Tip
  • A minimum Length of the Diamond, aprox. 44.5mm

See Rotatool Diamonds (XPRT, Regular).