Rotatool Bits and Caps

Rotatool is always trying to find better ways to help serve Podiatrists and Pedicure Manicure Specialists. Quality bits and caps are imported from Germany, have been selected to work best with the Hadewe Podiatry Drills and other Pedicure Manicure Drills.  and have Certification to allow them to be used on human skin. Rotatool is the only company in North America distributing bits and caps with Class 1 CE Certification (Germany) to approve use on human skin. The result is having patients finding procedures less agressive, yet just as effective.

Carbide Cutters Overview

Long lasting Thomas Machinery's Rotatool Carbides made in Germany by Acurata GmbH,  are ideal for podiatry work to quickly reduce & smooth out unattractive nails. Excellent for ingrown nails and corns. They can also be used to clean heels and remove hard calluses.  

  • Rotatool Carbides  can be used to remove fast from the nails gel, acrylic product.
  • Rotatool Carbides are only to be used by trained Foot Care Professionals or Professional Nail Technicians.
  • Rotatool Carbides  should be sterilized after use by either placing them in sterilizing solution or in an autoclave.

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Rotatool Diamonds

Long lasting Thomas Machinery's Rotatool Diamonds made in Germany by Acurata GmbH,  have a fine diamond coating which can be used to smoothen and clean acrylics, natural nails or skin. The Rotatool Diamonds can be used for very precise work such as cleaning out corners or removing unwanted materials.

Full Rotatool Burrs Catalogue(pdf)

Rotatool Diamonds should be sterilized after use by either placing them in sterilizing solution or in an autoclave.

  • Four main parts to observe when choosing a High Quality and Proper diamond:
  • Shank diameter 2.35mm, 3/32”
  • Diameter of the Tip
  • Length of the Working Tip
  • A minimum Length of the Diamond, aprox. 44.5mm

See Rotatool Diamonds (XPRT, Regular).

Pink Nail Stones & Polishers

Thomas Machinery's Rotatool Stones are made in Germany.  The High-Grade corundum Stones are ceramic bound abrasives made of synthetic manufactured corundum material. The working parts are pressed, grinded into shape, and are then adhered to the stainless steel shaft.

Excellent for manicures and pedicures especially for nail technicians.

The stones are ideal for smoothing out unattractive nails, also for finishing natural nails before polishing. They can also be used to clean the cuticles, to remove unwanted product, or to make the body of the nail matte in the preparation for the application of artificial nails.

Rotatool Ceramic Stones can be used to smoothen the nail surface, or to fine correction on skin and nails.

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Podo and Thermal Abrasive Caps

Finally available: The first friendly and safe human skin foot care podological abrasive caps. Featuring the Purple/Red Thermo Abrasive Cap Colour-change technology for gentle protection!
Patented technology.

Long lasting Thomas Machinery's podological Rotatool Abrasive Caps, (Podo or Thermo Abrasive Caps) are made in Germany. Be aware of imitations. 

The podological abrasive caps are disposable instruments designed to ensure the health and safety of each client.

The Disposable Rotatool's PODO and THERMO Abrasive Caps come in 5 different sizes and are available in Coarse = Grit 80 , Medium = Grit 150 , Fine = Grit 320.
Different Grits may feel more aggressive to the patients and may be unsafe.

The Disposable Rotatool's PODO and THERMO Abrasive Caps can be used in wet or dry systems. They are used to clean heel and remove hard calluses very effective.

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